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Providing Hosted Voice-over IP Services (Hosted VoIP Services)

Ring Street currently offers Voice-over IP Services (VoIP) also referred to as Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX service. Hosted VoIP phone service is becoming one of the most popular VoIP services used by both small and large businesses today. VoIP combines your business telephone with your high-speed internet connection. This allows your business the ability to make and receive calls through the use of the internet and eliminate the use of traditional business phone lines.


A PBX (public branch exchange) is a specialized computer that is designed to route calls. This includes routing calls between office extensions, and routing incoming and outgoing calls. Offices that require multiple extensions for various employees will need a good PBX system. If you currently have a PBX system, then you are aware of how expensive they can be. If not, you will never have to worry about additional costs or expenses for a PBX system.


Ring Street offers hosted VoIP PBX systems, IP-based management services, that are hosted and managed at our secured network operation center. The functions associated with a hosted VoIP service are similar to those of the hardware PBX systems that we install at your business location. With hosted VoIP PBX systems from Ring Street, there is no need for you to buy equipment. We supply and install the PBX equipment. We also maintain and upgrade all of the equipment to ensure your business systems are functioning properly.


Ring Street’s VoIP business plans are designed to meet your particular business needs. Our hosted VoIP services include a PBX phone system in addition to many advance VoIP features, including call forwarding, conference calling, and voicemail to email services. Our VoIP phone service solutions are scalable so your business can expand or contract at any time. Additional users can be added as required and features can be modified to accommodate your current business needs.


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